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USA Spas Features


When you have been building spas as long as we have, you learn what matters. Since 1966, USA Spas has been manufacturing spas with quality components and innovative features. Our spas are constantly evolving – with technology, experience and customer feedback.  Our objective is to build the best spas on the market. We add in wonderful features to make your spa a favorite destination. With our spas, beauty is not just on the surface. We offer ergonomic designs, stainless steel jets, LED lighting, PVC cabinets and more. With spas to suit any budget, we encourage you to make a USA Spa part of your life. From an economical spa to a hydrotherapy powerhouse, we have spas that range from cozy to party size. 

From maintenance free cabinets to patented hydrotherapy, your spa is built to perform and last. We use top of the line controls, equipment, shells, cabinets and construction to ensure our spas exceed your expectations.

USA Spas are always conscious of saving energy for the environment and saving money for the customer, so we build our spas with innovative insulation and operating systems. Don’t settle for inferior spas that will disappoint and result in maintenance and operational issues. 

Invest in a spa that will deliver hydrotherapy and years of enjoyment.

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